hydrate & plump


boost complexion

25mg CBD
per mask

full sheet coco face mask

with 25mg of cbd per mask!

a unique regenerating formula leaves skin fresher, silkier, and more even-toned. a highly concentrated CBD serum is delivered in a mask made from pure coconuts, actively stimulating hydration on a cellular level. the face-to-décolleté experience revitalizes, smooths, and balances complexion.
  • 5 single use bio-cellulose vegan sheet masks per box
  • organic skincare sheet masks derived from coconut
  • coconut naturally distributes more serum for effective hydration
  • intended for all skin types
  • 25mg cbd per sheet / 125mg per box


1 box includes
5 single use masks


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bundle +

3 boxes includes
15 single use masks


+ free shipping

bundle ++

5 boxes includes
25 single use masks


+ free shipping