meet coco-her-naturcel

she’s bold, confident and uncompromising. so, when coco has skin in the game, only cool balanced decisions will do. high-impact ingredients. proven results. don’t waste one drop of her time. if she’s taking 20, it better be for a full-throttle skincare immersion. this coco face mask is a foolproof formula for full-of-life skin. we’ve tapped the purest sources of CBD and coconut to doubly achieve a complexion reboot—with extra hydrating serum for an all-over radiant finish.

wellness-her naturcel


mental & physical wellness

youthful skin-her naturcel

youthful skin

anti-inflammatory & anti-aging

natural ingredients-her naturcle

natural ingredients

vegan, non toxic & organic 

cellular science-her-naturcel

cellular science

efficient delivery

max your mask time

we set out to design a face mask that’s sensitive for all skin types, thanks to cellular technology that evenly stimulates complexion. dry, patchy, oily or combo—the experience universally restores radiance and revives skin through active hydration.

how to master your coco face mask

  • clean face thoroughly and dry
  • remove mask and unfold
  • peel off one layer of sheet to expose the coco face mask
  • apply the coco face mask side to skin
  • peel off the outer layer of fabric
  • adjust the coco face mask to hug your skin
  • leave on for 20 to 30 minutes then remove
  • massage remaining essence to face and neck décolleté
  • show & tell all your friends about herNaturcel coco face masks
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